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Gabriel and Mary Jane Riding an 80 km. Endurance Competition.

Horseback Mexico is a small, personal horse riding, schooling and breeding facility based in Rojas de Cuauhtemoc in the eastern valley of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico. Since 2005 owners Mary Jane Gagnier and her son,Gabriel Mendoza Gagnier enjoy guiding rides, horse trekking & competing in Endurance rides. They are Red Cross certified in Basic First Aid and top Mexican endurance riders.

Mary Jane riding Tory on a weeklong ride through the Sierra Juarez

Mary Jane Gagnier

a native Canadian, has lived in Oaxaca since 1987 and for decades has explored the many regions of this state. She considers herself a cultural interpreter as evident in her book “Oaxaca Celebration: Family, Food & Fiestas in Teotitlan”, a testimony to the traditions of a Zapotec village. Her passion for rural life extends to the enthusiasm and knowledge she brings to her guided rides. Mary Jane is a certified yoga instructor and applies its principals to her riding and teaching.

She regularly competes in endurance competitions, riding in the 120 km. ( 75 mile ) class and but also enjoys mentoring riders new to the sport on their first 40 km. ride. . She has taken endurance riding clinics with John Crandell, Christoph Schork and Dian Woodward, as well as riding horses belonging to Valerie Kanavy and Megan Davis, from both of whom she has learned at great deal.

Mary Jane mentored young rider Maria Jose Gameros on her first 80 km. ride.

Gabriel Mendoza Gagnier

is Mary Jane’s son, a 4th year student of veterinarian medicine at the UPAEP University in the state of Puebla and top-ranking Mexican endurance rider.

Animals Love Gabriel with his Calm Gentle Manner

Gabriel riding Spirit are qualified for a world championship in the 120 km. distance. He represented Mexico in the North American Young Riders Endurance Ride championships in 2011 and 2012, finishing Top 10 each time. In 2009 together with Canada, Mexico won the team silver medal in the 75 mile competition. A native Oaxacan, ( who speaks fluent English and Spanish ) Gabriel is both fun and informative on the trail – a fund of local knowledge.

Mary Jane and Gabriel ride and crew for each other.