Weeklong Adventure Rides

Riding in the midst of ancient cacti forest.

Riding out from Rancho Pitaya. Beautiful morning weather year round.

Our adventure tours on horseback, based in Oaxaca, Mexico offer the best of equestrian travel.  With Mary Jane Gagnier, owner of Rancho Pitaya, who personally guides all of these longer rides, you will visit her longtime village friends & favorite riding destinations.

In the Mixtec region a tufa trail, surprisingly safe footing for the horses.

Within the state of Oaxaca, Horseback Mexico offers several riding destinations in distinct regions and unique ecosystems in this southern-most state in Mexico. With great riding weather year round there is always have an insider’s riding holiday whenever you can get away. Novices are encouraged to sign-up for instruction on their riding week, this is a fantastic way to jumpstart anyone’s equestrian ability. Experienced riders can enjoy fast-paced riding and more challenging trails.

Unique in North America, the state of Oaxaca is home to several UNESCO-protected biospheres: Yagul in the

Valle de Tlacolula  , the UNESCO geo-parks of the Mixteca region, and the Tehuacan – Cuicatlan Biosphere. Horseback Mexico’s equestrian tours can be as short as overnight riding tours  and as long as weeklong progressive treks. With small riding groups, the rides can be at a relaxed pace focused on culture and nature, or for the experienced rider our fit endurance horses love to partner-up for a faster pace  through Oaxaca’s exotic countryside. Back, in 2021, by popular demand is The Village to Village Ride in the Sierra Juarez, this was the first progressive ride Mary Jane scouted in 2006 and after more than a decade the region is still a flagship for Oaxaca’s forestry conservation  and ecologically-conscious villages.

The state of Oaxaca holds the greatest biodiversity of cacti in the world!

The Culture, Cuisine & Crafts Ride  is based at our comfortable country guest ranch Rancho Pitaya, located in the eastern arm of the valley of Oaxaca, in the Valle de Tlacolula. During this ride, that is offered all year long, visit; archeological sites, Zapotec craft villages & old haciendas. Feast on fantastic Oaxaca cuisine while experiencing the great valley of Tlacolula, truly, off the beaten track. The ride can be tailored for any level of rider.

Explore a region balanced with fascinating geography, stunning forests and stellar colonial architecture with the Mixteca Villages and Vistas Ride. This is an “all-paces” ride suitable for high-moderate, fit riders. Offered November 2020 and February 2021.

The Agave and Cypress Trail Ride is a “move-out” ride traveling along the historic “camino real” ( the Spaniards royal roads ), over mountain passes, through fertile valleys and along crystalline streams lined with ancient Bald Cypresses. This is a tour of sustainable farming, agave plantations and friendly villages.

Our rides and horses are suitable for all levels. Non-riders are welcomed; we also offer guided hiking & cycling trips. See our 2020/2021 calendar for scheduled vacations or inquire about other dates and itineraries for groups of two to six.

Ride Cancellation Policy Política de Cancelación

To inquire about rides or lodging at Rancho Pitaya please email: horsebackmexico@me.com

We hope to be riding with you soon!

Mary Jane and Gabriel