Guided Bird Watching

Introduction to Birdwatching – The Birds of the Valle de Tlacolula

Join Mary Jane to discover the birds on and around her ranch.

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks flock to the local wetlands.

There are a little over 9,000 species of birds on the planet. About 9% or nearly 800 of them can be seen in the state of Oaxaca. On an average guided birding experience expect to spot between 20 and 30 species, and of these a handful are endemic to Mexico with several only being found in the state of Oaxaca.

Getting to know your local birds is also a good way to learn about the flora, both native and introduced. For instance the endemic Grey-breasted Woodpecker pecks its nests in the trunks of the native organ ( columnar ) cacti and the Dusky Hummingbird can only be found in the interior valleys of Oaxaca.

Birdwatching is perfect way to spend time immersed in the outdoors and train our eyes to discern detail and our ears  to remember the calls and songs of the fascinating feathered friends we share this planet with.

Inquire about available times and dates.

Birdwatching  Introduction to the birds of the Valles Centrales de Oaxaca.

Disinfected high-quality binoculars available.

Checklist of species provided.

1,000 pesos per person for 2-3.

1,500 pesos for private experience.

Limited to 4