Meet Our Horses

The horses enjoy crisscrossing streams.

Our horses love exploring and Oaxaca’s Cañada region is one of their favorites.

Riding into Lachatao in the Sierra Juarez

We’ve given each horse a profile because they each have their own personalities. But in one way they are all alike – they love their job, whether it’s a fast-paced endurance competition or teaching a novice about the nuances of good trail riding.

Our Steady Trekking Horses

Whether you are a complete novice riding for the first time or an experienced rider looking for a spirited gallop in open country we have the right horse for you – and the right horse may very well be the same horse. We pride ourselves on our horses’ flexible minds and calm temperaments.

We, Mary Jane and Gabriel, firmly believe in letting our horses be horses when they’re not working. At Rancho Pitaya the horses live in open-style paddocks within a herd or next to a friend..

Our geldings are all wonderful guys – they love the trails at any speed and several that regularly compete in endurance rides are also our steadiest & calmest horses.

Little Mighty Mare Leads a Crossing of the Rio Grande in La Cañada

The mares – like most women – set the pace for our herd. They like to go – but that can mean hours of marching up and down hills as well as getting down to fast-paced business. Torrid Elegance, Newest Style and Mighty were bred to Fernandez and had foals by him in the summer of 2012.

The two stallions are among our most affectionate horses. They are gentle and courteous with humans, always enjoying a nice scratch behind the ear.

Velvita is our miniature filly and she’s still growing up but our plan for her is a career in equine therapy for developmentally challenged children.

Learn more about each horse at their individual profile.

The Mares:

Torrid Elegance, Anglo-Arab, born 1995

Newest Style, pure Polish Arabian, born 2003

Mighty, pure Cañada Criollo, born 2007
Lumina, Criollo, born 2004
Niza: Pure Polish Arabian, born 2012
Mona’s Sonrisa: Criollo Arabian, born 2012
Velvita: Class A Miniature, born 2012

Mutual Love in 2013: Our Arabian stallion Fernandez and Belvita, miniature filly.

The Stallion
Fernandez, pure Polish Arabian, born 2000
The geldings:
Centurion, Mexican Criollo, born 1996
Spirit, pure Arabian, born 2001
Piquin, Arabian Quarterhorse cross, born 2003
Midnight, Pure Arabian, born 2011
Oaxaca’s White Socks: AngloArab, born 2012
Canelo, Mexican Criollo