Criollo gelding Born 1996

Centurion & Elaine Mitchell having a good gallop on our Canyon & Valley ride 2010

I renamed this 14 hand pure Mexican Criollo gelding Centurion in remembrance of his brief moment of stardom as the Easter parade horse in a nearby village. He was decked out with bells on this ankles and bows in this mane, carried the boy dressed as a Roman Centurion through masses of villagers accompanied by a full brand band, walked right in to the Catholic church and up the steps of the town hall before galloping on command – at full speed – to the little centurion’s home. That was enough to convince me that he was a bombproofed horse.

Centurion & Mary Jane having fun climbing the sand dunes in La Cañada

What I didn’t know at the time is that he also has the stamina of a desert camel, gliding through 60 km. endurance races – we are just waiting for longer races to be held in Mexico. Centurion has given us the prestigious Best Condition ribbon combined with 2nd place.

I have visited Mary Jane a couple of times and ridden many of her horses, all of which are a treat. Centurion is a calm but flexible horse, he is never bothered and always willing to give it his best. He can change leads on the fly which makes for a lovely ride and because he is so smooth it’s easy to not only enjoy the canter but also take in the fabulous scenery. I have ridden him for many hours up and down mountains, through rock beds and around cactus, he is always sure footed, alert and while some of the other horses are larger in stature has a big heart and stamina too boot. Melanie Donaghy



Remy has been taking riding classes since she was five and Centurion is her favorite horse.