Mighty’s morning Equiyoga before an endurance competition.

Pure Cañada Criollo Born 2005

We found this pretty little mare on our first 2011 riding trip into Oaxaca’s gorgeous canyon region, known as La Cañada. Mighty is a Criollo, the native breed in Mexico, horses renowned for being very hearty.

Mighty gives her best whether on the trail, in a class or being a mom.

Newest and Mary Jane winning in fine form 80 km. endurance competition.

Mighty is a forward, sure-footed and self-confident.

She’s only about 13 hands but half mountain goat and the other half Harley Davidson. Her attributes: big heart, kind eyes, hard hooves, fast step and lots of energy.

Mighty has become a versatile horse. She loves to go out on trail rides, ace trekking horse now well versed in the Sierra Juarez and Sierra Pápalo of Oaxaca. And, Mighty is now a top Mexican endurance horse regularly competing and winning at 80 km. ( 50 mile ) distances.

She also had a beautiful filly by Fernandez in 2012 and it seems her daughter Mona’s Sonrisa got all the best traits of her mama and daddy.