Newest Style

Newest Style and Mary Jane lead the start of an 80 km. endurance competition.

Newest and Mary Jane winning in fine form 80 km. endurance competition.

Pure Polish Arabian, born 2003

This pretty little mare has excellent bloodlines with the legendary Monarch on her dam side and Sambor on her sire side.

Newest Style or “baby girl” as Mary Jane calls her was also Mexico’s top endurance horse in 2014 being the first horse in the country to complete a 120 km. FEI competition in the demanding 14 km. p/h speed.

Newest on a trail ride and her young foal Niza and dog Sasha follow along.

Of all her horses, Mary Jane goes to Newest Style as her mount on solo scouting rides. Newest can ride through the middle of a town with vehicle traffic, like she’s manoeuvre her way through a herd of cattle, like she’s tiptoe a tricky trail.

Mary Jane turns to Newest to go into the unknown.

Newest has also found time in her busy work schedule to foal two beautiful babies by our stallion Fernandez. We’ve kept her youngest daughter, Niza who is proving to grow into a classically beautiful yet sturdy pure Polish Arabian.

Newest Style is a willing and steady trail ride horse, always happy to go out and explore