½ Arabian & ½ Mexican Criollo, born 2003

"We did a hundred miles with a 10,000. ft ascend during the Sierra Papalo trek.", Mary Jane Gagnier

Piquin with lots of energy at the end of a five-day trek.

Piquin with Mary Jane at his first endurance race

Piquin is named after a tiny red Mexican chile. This “fire-ant” chestnut who shines like a coppper penny is sweet and easy to handle but definitely has a playful streak. ” He is a steady, calm trekking horse who is confident in his own surefootedness. A pleasure to ride”, saysa Mary Jane of the five days of challenging riding she did with Piquin in the Sierra Papalo. Piquin is the son of Arabian racehorse, High Noon Eclipse and has won 2nd place in a 40 km. endurance competition.

On the recent "Cañada to Papalo " trek horses and riders criss-crossed the Rio Salado and Rio Grande over 25 times in a day.

Oh, Piquin loves water! Drinking it, swimming in it and you better keep him moving through it ’cause he also likes to lay down in it.