Torrid Elegance

Anglo-Arab, born 1995

Tory Splashing her way across the Rio Salado

Tory and Mary Jane summer 2018

Riding Tory is what I imagine it is like to drive a Maserati – just think about shifting gears and she does it. But Tory is much more than speed; she knows dressage and gets all smart and collected when she draws a cart. She is very bright and assimilates new things easily, and naturally curious Tory is an expert gate-opener! Tory has finished five 80- km. endurance competitions.

Tory with Tila at one day old.

Tory has been a working mom, she loved going out on trail rides just as much as she likes looking after her babies. Tory has foaled three beautiful bay babies by Fernandez. We have her two boys at the ranch, White Sox 2012 and Trail Blazer 2016, both big, gentle geldings.

Originally from northern California, Tory has been part of our ranch since 2007.

Tory and Mary Jane riding in Teotitlan 2019