This Pretty Boy is well Put-together and Solid

Nanche, at 2 Months, Following his Mom Newest on a Trailride

Nanche, a handsome chestnut colt with a big’ol star smack dab in the middle of his forehead, was born at dusk June 15th, 2011. He is pure Polish Arabian, his dam ( that’s horse talk for his mama ) is Newest Style with excellent Monarch and Samtyr bloodlines and his sire is Fernandez whose father Ibn Bint Hiluyi ran 72 times at racetracks around the U.S. and was retired sound at the age of 14. We are very pleased to bring not just these endurance and speed bloodlines to Mexico but also classic Arabian beauty Fernandez exudes.

Bobby rides Mom Newest onNanche's first "Walk About" at 9 Days Old. Note the Red Ribbon to Protect his from the Evil Eye