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  • Newsletter Nº 5

    Year of the Pandemic By Mary Jane Gagnier I urge you to read the on-line version with photos on the Horseback Mexico website. BIRTHDAY BRUNCH AND THE RUBY-THROATED MIGRANTS ARE BACK Exciting News: Unique Extended Stay Offer at Rancho Pitaya. … continue reading »

  • The “New Normal” and Oaxaca’s Perfect Summer Weather 

    Dear Friends and Family,   From Oaxaca, this is the 4th of my “pandemic” updates. The “New Normal” and Oaxaca’s Perfect Summer Weather   August 13, 2020 The New Normal Oaxaca is proving it can bend the curve of infection … continue reading »

  • The Earth Shakes, the Dragonfruit Ripens and the Pandemic Holds its Own

    June 24, 2020 Rancho Pitaya, Rojas de Cuauhtemoc, Oaxaca Dear Friends and Family,  I started this update on the 22nd. Now the update needs an update after yesterday’s quake. Thank you, all who inquired about my well-being. I was standing … continue reading »

  • Rest Now Mother Earth

    Rest Now Mother Earth, moving poem by Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand. Rest now Mother Earth

  • May 12 Oaxaca Update

    2nd Oaxaca Update May 12, 2020 Dear Friends and Family,  Last Sunday, May 10th, was coincidentally Mother’s Day in Mexico as well as the rest of North America. It was reassuring that the feminine powers of nature finally bestowed a … continue reading »

  • Safe Distance Outdoor Activities

    Safe Distance Outdoor Activities Mary Jane is offering, throughout the week, small-group outdoor activities around her ranch near Santa Maria El Tule. Wednesday 6 – 8 p.m.: Sunset nature walk Moderate pace with some elevation changes. 250 pesos per person. Limited to 4 Saturday … continue reading »

  • News from Oaxaca

    Dear friends,  I think many of you are wondering how Oaxaca is doing. Oaxacans are resilient, elastic and resourceful; they expect change and assume impermanence. The country of Mexico registered 1,890 confirmed cases yesterday, April 5th. According to John Hopkins … continue reading »

  • Convierta un Pañuelo en Cubre Boca


  • Training the horses during “Stay at home”

    We are using this time with no tourism to school the horses. They are all healthy and willing but after a busy fall & winter season it is good to remind them of basic manners like – STAND – to … continue reading »

  • New Birds at Rancho Pitaya page

    Visit this new page to get acquainted with the dozens of species, some endemic to Oaxaca and numerous only found in Mexico. The Birds of Rancho Pitaya