Birds of the Valle de Tlacolula

Little Blue Heron on a castor plant in the Rio Salado late August.

Crested Cara-caras in alfalfa field on the south side of the Rio Salado, El Tule.

Male Blue-black Grassquit perched on a “quintonil” plant ( belongs to the Amaranth family ). Late August

Loggerhead Shrike (Lanius Ludovicianus) in a mesquite tree in the farmlands close to the Rio Salado.

The majority of these birds were sighted on land belonging to Santa Maria del Tule, between the bridge of the Rio Salado by the chapel to the Virgin de Juquila east along the old “caliche” road towards Rojas de Cuauhtemoc or between the road and the river. Blue herons and cattle egrets are frequent winter wading birds.

Vermillion Flycatcher, male

American Krestel on power line