Overnight Hacienda Ride

Old growth candelabra cacti festoon the landscape.

Delve into Oaxaca’s fascinating natural and cultural diversity with this new overnight adventure.

This ride will take you through the epicentre of the Oaxacan gold and silver rush of the early 20th century.

Criss-cross streams and follow ancient trails to the hacienda.

Spend two days exploring the vast communal lands rich in exotic, native vegetation. Criss-cross pristine streams, follow ancient trails that lead to Guegorene, a lovingly restored hacienda owned by the Skidmore family. There is enough elevation change to keep the ride interesting but is centered around mid-altitude forests rich in candelabra cacti, rare agaves, aromatic bursera and horned kapok trees.

Settle into the  hacienda. Visit the artesan “palenque” where  the award-winning mezcal Quiere Me Mucho is produced. Swim in the pool of fresh-flowing water,  dine open-air on simple but delicious Oaxaca dishes. Lodging is simple but comfortable with hot showers and flush toilets

Meander streams lined with wild cane.

The pace of this ride is moderate with opportunities to trot and canter yet balanced nicely with long stretches of true backcountry on single track trail. The distance of the ride can be adjusted for beginners..


  • Two days riding
  • One night lodging
  • all meals and luggage transfers
  • English-speaking guide.

Cost:  per person 10,900 pesos  Min. of two riders – appropriate for fit people but no riding experience required.

Stay in a lovingly restored Hacienda

Please inquire for availability.

Complete reservation and cancelation policy

To inquire about rides or lodging at Rancho Pitaya please email: horsebackmexico@me.com

Thanks Mary Jane

Foraging donkeys along the trail.

Riding by a stand of Cuiche; a highlight of this ride is the wild native agaves.