Training the horses during “Stay at home”

Mary Jane schooling Spirit at a trot.

Belvita learns to drive a cart.

We are using this time with no tourism to school the horses. They are all healthy and willing but after a busy fall & winter season it is good to remind them of basic manners like – STAND – to stand still at the mounting block for the rider. Transitions are another good schooling lesson. Moving “matter-a-factly” from walk, to trot, to canter. Mary Jane with Gabriel and the valuable help of Tess Plein, an accomplished equestrian from the Netherlands ( Tess decided not to return because of the virus) all the horses are being worked regularly. Even the little miniature horse is being taught to drive a cart.

The birds at Rancho Pitaya are happy drinking and bathing at the water tubs. Rufous-capped Warbler

Mary Jane is making sure to ride or work every single horse personally on a two week rotating basis. She continues to expand her knowledge of the local birds. There are now over 50 species that can be observed or heard at Rancho Pitaya.

Horseback Mexico will be in tip-top shape when you are ready to come ride Oaxaca with us!

Stay safe.

Stay a home as much as you can.

Keep a safe distance.

Wash your hands.

Cover your face when you go out where there are others.

And catch up on all those things that get put off.