We Recommend

Casa Murguia Vacation Rental

Lodging in the city of Oaxaca:

Casa Murguia vacation bungalows also owned and managed by Mary Jane Gagnier. Consider staying at both Rancho Pitaya and Casa Murguia to experience both superb country and city life. www.casamurguia.com


We have known Tomas Ramirez for decades; he is totally trustworthy and most knowledgeable about the area. Tomas speaks English and has an 8 passenger van as well as smaller vehicle. http://tomasramirez.simpl.com/index.html

Flowering Pitaya cactus at Rancho Pitaya

Native Plant Identification Site:

By Val Nadeau who has lived in the Valle de Tlacolula for over 30 years. This photographic collection is very helpful in identifying local plants you may find out hiking, riding or in the markets.  www.flickr.com/photos/arboldelavida



Camino Real to Lachatao

There are two hikes we just love and both beginning in the Sierra Juarez, known as the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca. Less strenuous and downhill is the ancient La Palma trail from La Nevaria to Tlalixtac – 18 km. of descent mostly gentle descending but about 4 kms. of it somewhat steep. We recommend going the day before to La Neveria, spend the night and depart the following morning. The other trail we love goes from Latuvi to Lachatao – a charming old village where we recommend spending the night. On both you’ll cross pristine streams, walking under oak forest canopies rich in orchids, bromeliads and silver moss.

To reserve in La Neveria contact sierranorte.org.mx

To reserve in Lachatao contact Lachatao expediciones ecoturlachatao@hotmail.com

Overnight Cultural Destination:

Late afternoon inside the church of San Miguel del Valle

San Miguel del Valle is the very last village in the northeast corner of the Valle del Oaxaca. This traditional Zapotec villages offers: comfortable eco-tourism cabins, delicious native food, fascinating 16th century church, lovely and economical crafts in wool rugs and embroidered aprons. You can also reserve top-notch hikes o cycling from or to the Sierra Juarez with their Spanish / English-speaking guides. Contact: guillermo antonio memo-antonio-antonio@hotmail.com or call (951) 520-9105


Casa Oaxaca Reforma Contemporary informal patio dining managed by chef Alejandro Ruiz

Casual authentic Oaxacan cooking on Avenida Reforma between Morelos and Independencia, Viña Santa Fe. Excellent and economical comida corrida

El Milenario in El Tule for consistantly delicious and economical Oaxacan dishes

La Biznaga for modern Oaxacan-inspired food at reasonable prices

Los Danzantes for Wed and Fri fixed-priced lunch menu

Maria Lombardo for woodfired pizzas and good pasta at Abasolo 304, 1/2 block E. of Juarez


Agadir, Morocco: Amodou Cheval Day rides on the beach and dry “wadi” streams and trails in the Argan forest to week-long camping horse treks. Includes hotel pick-up.